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Citizenship Preparation

Citizenship Teacher Writings

Citizenship Teacher Writings

The New England Citizenship Project was an 18-month project, funded by the Lincoln and Therese Filene Foundation, through which citizenship educators explored the possibility of teaching "beyond" the 100 citizenship test questions. These are their writings.

Resources for Students

Citizenship Questions in Spanish
This site provides a listing of citizenship test prep questions in Spanish.

The Naturalization Self-Test Online
This page on the USCIS website tests students’ knowledge of US history and govt. It is designed to be used as a study guide only, and is not the actual test that would be given by a USCIS officer.

US Citizenship Test
This ten-question practice test is based on the official test administered by the USCIS. The computer randomly selects a different set of questions every time you take the test. The multiple-choice format allows you to choose an answer and get your score as you go along.

Resources for Teachers

The Adult Learning Resource Center
The Adult Learning Resource Center in Des Plaines website has a good selection of citizenship preparation materials: a resource materials list, notices on CIS procedure changes, a sample interview that resulted from a collaboration between area educators and the CIS, and a variety of classroom materials.

Citizenship News
This site is designed to keep citizenship educators updated on pertinent naturalization and citizenship test issues, including information about the new test and updates on key changes in policy and practice.

Citizenship Resources for Adult ESL Instructors
This CAELA site recommends general resources, student texts, teacher resources, and selected videos.

Civnet describes itself as an online resource for civic education practitioners, as well as others promoting civic education all over the world. It includes lesson plans that are usable or adaptable for adult education, and a CivTalk disussion group where educators and researchers discuss and share ideas, teaching materials, and methodology.

Minnesota Literacy Council
This Minnesota Literacy Council site for citizenship preparation has many interesting features including information about the census, a detailed list of the benefits of becoming a U.S. citizen, and citizenship tutoring tips.

New Citizen's Vote! Curriculum
This is the link to a four-hour voter education curriculum (available in English and Spanish) called "New Citizens Vote! An Educational Curriculum About Voting." The goal of the curriculum is to increase the skills and self-confidence of participants regarding voting and other local decision-making processes. The curriculum emphasizes local issues and opportunities for civic participation.

Preparing Students for an INS Interview
This link is a list of pointers about "Preparing Students for an INS Interview" from veteran citizenship educator and author Lynn Weintraub.

"Questioning Citizenship Curricula," by Erik Hugo Jacobson


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