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New England Citizenship Project (NECP)

NECP was an 18-month project in 2001-2002, funded by the Lincoln and Therese Filene Foundation, through which citizenship educators explored the possibility of teaching "beyond" the 100 citizenship test questions. With technical assistance and support from the New England Literacy Resource Center, these teachers constructed lessons that not only taught history and government facts, but prepared people to use that information in their daily lives to participate in civic activities and decision-making. Their writings are listed below:

Joy Ahrens and Valerie DeVuyst, Portland Adult Education
"The Family Constitution"
"How a Bill Becomes a Law"

Beth Fincke, YMCA of Greater Boston and Karen McCabe, Randolph Community Partnership
"Using Current Events as Background for State Government Lessons"

Nicole Lasas, Jackson Mann Community School (Boston)
"The Impact of Citizenship on Daily Life"

Karen McCabe, Randolph Community Partnership
"Citizens' Most Important Right - Voting"

Brian Mahoney, Vermont Adult Learning (Burlington)
"American History Lesson"

Erin-Kate Murphy, YMCA of Greater Boston
"Getting Students Interested in Branching Out from the 100 Questions"
"Congratulations! You passed! Now what?"

Tara O'Brien, Vermont Adult Learning (Brattleboro)
"Studying the Constitution"
"Forms of Government"

Shixian Sheng, Asian American Civic Association (Boston)
"A Civics Field Trip"
"Strategies and Activities"

Tom Smith, Community College of Vermont (Burlington)
"Identifying Student Priorities"

"Teaching Active Citizenship in an ESOL Class"

Betty Simons, International Institute of Rhode Island
"Civics Teaching in Citizenship Classes"


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