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Welcome to the Civic Participation and Citizenship Collection. In this collection you find annotated websites and original materials that cover a wide range of topics related to community action and active citizenship. This collection was built with an emphasis on informed activism to serve adult educators in diverse settings.

Each site and resource in this collection has been carefully reviewed and selected based on its perceived relevance to adult education. Materials, such as the "Pick Your Candidate" lesson plan or The Change Agent newspaper, are downloadable and have been specifically designed for adult basic education. Other materials, such as the Democracy Project's voting timeline or the Constitutional Rights Foundation's lessons plans are also readily usable in Adult Basic Education (ABE) and upper levels of ESOL. Other materials in this collection may require adaptation to the ABE context. Many sites include gems that are best used online to get a full benefit of the audio and video. Examples of such gems are "Remember the Civil Rights Movement" at and the interactive treasure hunt on the Black History site.

Many sites in this collection serve to educate educators about civic issues and innovations. The thoughtful essays on the Civic Practices Network site are a case in point. Other sites, such as Project Vote Smart, are valuable sources of reference for active citizens.

We have also selected for your perusal websites from key organizations that are leaders in multi-issue community organizing and civic dialogue. This is not a comprehensive list. We have not included single-issue advocacy organizations given that there are so many worthy organizations to include that it would be unwieldy.

We hope you make good use of these resources. We welcome suggestions for original resources and websites to be included in this collection. Please e-mail them to:

Andy Nash, Silja Kallenbach, Steve Quann

New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC)
World Education
Boston, MA
(617) 482-9485

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