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Issue 38 - Immigration

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Immigration is a hot button topic in the United States, and this issue of The Change Agent explores it in a way that is accessible, engaging, and humanizing. Immigrants share inspiring, courageous, and sometimes heartbreaking stories of their journeys to the U.S. Non-immigrants provide their perspective as people in “receiving” communities, who are richly affected by new waves of immigrants. Political refugees, economic refugees, and immigrants “following their heart” detail what “pushed” and what “pulled” them to come to the U.S. Heartfelt revelations of parents and children who get separated due to migration or deportation will resonate with readers, as will the stories of parents raising bi-cultural children. Articles, cartoons, charts and graphs explore U.S. immigration policy, citizenship statistics, the rise of immigrant entrepreneurs, and current global migration patterns. We also explore micro and macro issues related to immigrants in the workplace. Home health aides, a meat skinner, a contractor, a farmworker, and many others write about the challenges and opportunities of being immigrant workers. Analytical articles and side bars on everything from labor law to free trade policies provide a larger context.

Title Page Level
A Story of Push and Pull 1 8
Sometimes We Don’t Decide Our Life 3 5
Two Times a Refugee 4 6
Following My Heart 6 5
A Sad Call 7 4
I Am a DREAMer 8 6
What Pushes and Pulls Immigrants? 10 3
Worldwide Migration Data 11 4
Immigration: A Humanitarian Issue 12 6
U.S. Citizenship by the Numbers 13 7
We Are Not Criminals 14 5
Immigrant for a Day 15 7
Feeling at Risk Everyday 16 4
A U.S. Citizen Goes to Guatemala 17 8
Never Give Up 18 4
I Crossed the Border with the Dream 9 19 4
Legalize Undocumented Immigrants 22 8
Barrio Defense: Arizona...SB 1070 24 12
Immigration in My Community 26 7
We Are Glad You Are Here 28 10
A Part of My Community 31 9
Advice to New Immigrants 32 5
American Dream or Nightmare? 34 5
Finding My Own Identity 35 7
Robbed of My Childhood 36 6
I Left My Son and Daughter 37 3
My Dear Daughters 38 4
Dear Mama 39 5
Being a Bi-Cultural Ambassador 40 6
Balancing Old Ways with the New 41 6
Immigration of a “Child Laborer” 42 4
It Wasn’t Easy 44 4
Why Be in the Union? 45 8
My Clients Are Like My Grandparents 46 5
Hard Work as a Meat Skinner 47 6
Survival as a Jamaican Immigrant 48 5
They Helped Re-Build New Orleans 50 7
U.S. Policies Fueled Mexican Migration 52 6
What is NAFTA? 54 6
TPP=NAFTA on Steroids 55 9