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Reading Levels

The articles in these issues of The Change Agent have been analyzed for reading level using the "Text Readability Consensus Calculator,"a tool which processes a text through multiple forumulas for a more comprehensive measure of readability (learn more about various readability forumulas here). Click on a cover below to find the table of contents, sortable by title, page number, and reading level. Link directly from the table of contents to audio versions of articles.

Issue 38 cover
Issue 38: Immigration
Issue 37 cover
Issue 37: Technology

Issue 36:
Good Jobs, Not Just Any Jobs!

Issue 35:
Tales of Resilience

Issue 34:
What's Age Got To Do With It?

Issue 33:
Peaceful Tomorrows

Issue 32:
Staying Safe In A Toxic World

Issue 31:
Fashion: The Power,
The Peril, and The Passion


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