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Welcome to The Change Agent, a social justice newspaper published twice a year in March and September. The Change Agent provides cutting edge resources for teaching social issues, powerful student writing that inspires discussion, and many ready-to-use lesson plans – all oriented toward a multi-level audience.

The Change Agent is available online or in print. Subscribers who elect to include the online option will receive full access to all of our back issues as well as our issue extras and growing collection of audio articles.

New Issue! Issue 38: Immigration

Immigration is a hot button topic in the United States, and this issue of The Change Agent explores it in a way that is accessible, engaging, and humanizing. Immigrants share inspiring, courageous, and sometimes heartbreaking stories of their journeys to the U.S. Non-immigrants provide their perspective as people in “receiving” communities, who are richly affected by new waves of immigrants. Political refugees, economic refugees, and immigrants “following their heart” detail what “pushed” and what “pulled” them to come to the U.S. Heartfelt revelations of parents and children who get separated due to migration or deportation will resonate with readers, as will the stories of parents raising bi-cultural children. Articles, cartoons, charts and graphs explore U.S. immigration policy, citizenship statistics, the rise of immigrant entrepreneurs, and current global migration patterns. We also explore micro and macro issues related to immigrants in the workplace. Home health aides, a meat skinner, a contractor, a farmworker, and many others write about the challenges and opportunities of being immigrant workers. Analytical articles and side bars on everything from labor law to free trade policies provide a larger context.


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Deadline for submission: May 5th, 2014


"Another amazing issue of The Change Agent! I am so proud of our students who wrote for this issue. It's a privilege to witness their growth and transformation."

Patricia Hembrough
Director of Educational Services
Project Hope, Roxbury, MA


"Thank you so much for providing this resource to our teachers and students. The teachers are always very excited to receive the publication and they tell me the students enjoy them as well."

Janie Johnson Carter
UAM College of Technology, Crossett, AR


"Excellent material for student/classroom use. The literacy tutors are using the environmental issue for science lessons. Thanks!"

Reeda Hampton
Literacy Council, West Memphis, AR


"I subscribe to The Change Agent and encourage my teachers to do the same. I find it to be an excellent publication. You did a terrific job on the election issue."

Denise Cox
Director of Professional Development
Central Indiana Educational Service Center, Indianapolis, IN


"We are using the climate change issue for the third time in class this evening. We are exploring our "carbon footprint," how we can reduce energy, and be more energy conscious. As a result of these discussions, students opted to forego using styrofoam cups in class. A teacher bought cups at the local dollar store and students have begun washing them out at the end of break. Meanwhile, four of my students are writing for your next issue. They are sharing some great ideas!"

Laurie E. Bargstedt
Office of Adult Literacy & Corrections Education
Johnstown, NY



The Change Agent is non-profit and provides a wealth of advertising-free, ready-to-use lessons, writings, math activities, and graphics. Thank you for your support!

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