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TCA issue 42 coverCheck out the latest issue of The Change Agent - When We Fight, We Win

When we fight, what might we win? In this issue, writers share their stories of struggle and reflect on the large and small things they have won in the process. Maybe by fighting, they achieved their goal. Or maybe they didn't achieve their goal yet, but by being in the fight, they've made friends, created community, used their voice, navigated a hard struggle, and discovered their power. What else might you win when you engage in the fight — whether it's an internal battle or a struggle to create social and political change? Read on to find out.

A Call to Action: Speaking up for Adult Education

The proposed federal budget includes cuts to education that could severely affect adult education services and students. A national campaign to voice our concerns to federal lawmakers is underway. Here are some resources (sample lessons, caution on what to watch out for, information links) that can help adult educators bring this crucial civics topic into the classroom.

  1. Lesson Resources
  2. Lesson with Reflections
  3. Framework for Personal Change Story

Building Partnerships

This webinar explores what current and former program directors from 3 states (RI, MA, and VT) have done to develop partnerships with employers, colleges, and other agencies to create better-integrated and innovative programming, and how they have braided funding to support these collaborations. Hear the presenters' strategies for building relationships, designing and funding programs, managing the partnerships, and dealing with the brass tacks of MOUs, reporting requirements, and staffing.

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